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2015 Fall session starts this week...
Monday, August 31, 2015
The 2015 Fall session starts August 31-September 3 2015.  I'm sorry if there was any confusion with the 2014 post listed below.  I obviously have to update this site more often. Schedules for each div...more...

Fall Session Starts Sept. 16-22
Monday, September 8, 2014
The first week of the Fall Session for CHICAGO APA leagues starts on Tuesday September 16 through Monday September 22, 2014. (Monday starts a week later because of Labor Day...Saturdays will start in ...more...


(Previously know as the Party Bus...but too many players thought they had to ride a bus to Vegas, so I changed it!)
My goal each year is to get as many players from the Chicago APA to Vegas as possible.  So after the 8- and 9-ball Citywide winners have been determined, I hold a "Party Plane" drawing to give away more trips to Vegas.   This year, a total of 74 players will fly to Vegas on the Party Plane.
I'm sending a total of 6 additional teams this year...one division winner from each session and one team that got to the Citywide, but didn't win at the tournament. This year's team winners are:
Summer 2013 Session:   Lee Street Diablos             Division 221 (NCC)
Fall 2013 Session:           That's Why!                       Division 351 (CAPA)
Spring 2014 Session:      Shots Fired                        Division 111 (CAPA)
Citywide 2014:                 Trey Masters                     Division 428 (CAPA)
We also send two "second tier" teams.  This year's winners are:
Summer 2013 Session:   Just the Tip                         Division 421 (CAPA)
Summer 2013 Session:   Sharp Shooters                 Division 423 (CAPA)
Along with the winning teams, we send a number of players based on the number of patches and pins won during the last year.  This year, we will send a dozen players just because they won an individual award, and put a buck in the envelope to participate.  (Every time I get $500 in the pot, I send another player to Vegas.)  This year's winners are:
Ernesto Jimenez               Rackless                   
   Division 751 (NCC)
Guillermo Sosa                 8-Break                     
  Division 451 (NCC)
Jack Noonan                    Break and Run            Division 222 (CAPA)
Adam Levine                    9-Breaek                      Division 651 (CAPA)  
Ray Herbert                      8-Break                       Division 422 (CAPA)  
Manny Sanchez                "I Beat a 6"                 Division 224 (CAPA)  
Patrick Morin                    8-Break                       Division 226 (CAPA)  
James Sheppard               9-Break                       Division 352 (CAPA)  
Lee Strait                          Rackless                      Division 112 (CAPA)  
Terry Johnston                  9-Break                       Division 351 (CAPA)  
Hector Irizarry                   Rackless                      Division 222 (CAPA)  
Roberto Sotero                 Rackless                      Division 113 (CAPA)  
Each year, there are a small number of players who shoot for the CYCLE.  They Break and Run...make the 8 on the break...and win all games played, going rackless...in the same match.  I believe this deserves special recognition, so I had a special CYCLE patch made for both 8 and 9-ball.  The cycle winners are kept separate from the other patch winners...This year, there were only a dozen players who won the cycle.  So it was a 1 in 12 chance of going to Vegas.  This year's winner is:
Tom Faust          
His CYCLE was won on 3/20 Vs. the Half Quacked team in division 425. 
(Withholding the victim's name to protect the innocent.)
There are two MVPs and one Top Gal making the trip.  The winners are:
Julian Moldovan              6-7 Bracket

Derrick Devera                5s and under
Jean Hermanson             Top Gal

Winners this year will have three options: 
1.  Take the trip and enjoy yourself in Vegas.  
2.  Move the ticket to the following year.  
3.  Sell the ticket back to the league for $350.  (I hate to see anyone win a vacation, and get nothing for it...but I'm not going to go through the game of hot potato that I have played for the last few years.)  
Any trips that I buy back will be sold for the same $350 to players on the waiting list.  (I don't want to make money on the transaction, I just don't want to lose money.)  There are already a number of players on the list, but it is not to late to get your name listed as well.  If you don't get a call this year, it will be in line for next year.)
Flight information: 
Departs from Midway on Southwest flight #899 
Thursday August 14th at 4:05 PM. 
Return on SWA flight #1179 leaving Las Vegas at 6:55 PM on 
Monday August 18th
All players will arrive in Chicago at 12:20 am on Tuesday the 19th.  That means you will be able to work on Tuesday...if you want to.  
Congratulations to the winning players, I hope you have a great time in Vegas.  
BTW...If you are not hooked into my facebook feeds, please friend my personal page, and like the Chicago APA page.  Frequently, people see things on Facebook before they do on their own email.  

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