Spring Session Starts Jan. 19-26th


Schedules for your division will be on line at 6:00 pm the day before play.
Call if you don't see your team, or schedule.   




Chicago APA in VEGAS starting this week

 NINE-BALL teams:

 Starting tonight, the nine-ball teams will start the migration from Chicago to Vegas to compete in the APA National Team Championships. (Officially recognized at the World's Largest Pool Tournament.)  All players in this group should already have their own personal itineraries.  Anyone in this group who still has questions should call me ASAP.  773-575-4157. 

 All players have E-tickets this year.  Bring your photo ID and flight number, and you will get a ticket printed for you at the ticket counter. 

 PARTY BUS players:

 On Thursday August 15th, the "Party Bus" leaves for Vegas.  All players on the party bus will be flying on the same plane there and back. 

 Outbound flight:  Chicago To Las Vegas is UA 1283.  Leaving Chicago at 8:18pm, arriving in Las Vegas at 10:20pm. 

 Return flight:  Las Vegas to Chicago is UA 1633.  Leaving Las Vegas at 11:31pm...red-eye flight...arriving in Chicago at 5:00am.

 All players in this group also have E-tickets.  Bring your photo ID and flight number, and you will get a ticket printed for you at the ticket counter.

 EIGHT-BALL teams:

 On Saturday the 17th, the five winning 8-ball teams will fly out to Vegas. 

 The outbound flight from Chicago to Las Vegas is UA 544 leaving O'Hare at 12:15 pm and arriving in Las Vegas at 2:08pm.

 The return flight UA 1633 will leave Las Vegas on August 23rd. at 11:31 pm. arriving in Chicago at 5 am MONDAY.  


 There is no charge for carry-on luggage, but you only get one bag plus a "personal" item.  (EG: A SMALL rolling suit case with a computer case, camera bag, or purse.) 

 YOU CAN NOT BRING YOUR POOL CUES ON BOARD.  They have to be checked. 

 Ideas for your POOL CUES:  Since you can't bring them on board, here are my suggestions...FIRST, If you are in the NTC, POOL your resources, and get one big bag (One team is using a golf club carrier.)  Put all your cues in it, and check it.  Be sure to pack enough clothes around it to keep the cues safe,

Second, If you are NOT in the NTC, think about buying a budget cue out in Vegas.  Using it for the three day vacation, and then selling it at half price to someone else at the tourney.  (Sneaky petes can be had for $25 to $30 from a number of vendors.).


 ALL players will be staying at the LVH hotel.  (Formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton.)   The LVH is located just across Paradise from the tournament room at the Riviera. All you need is your photo ID to check in here also.  Both Cathy and I will be on site for the party bus check in as well as the 8-ball team check in just to take care of any issues that may arise.

 Congratulations to those players who won their way to Vegas this year, I hope you have a great time, and bring a lion's share of the 1.5 million being awarded this year. 

8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open, Masters
Session starting soon! Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool.
Ask me how to qualify for the National tournaments in Vegas!


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