On line payments are back on line!.  The hyper link below works again.  
Online payment instructions for the Chicagoland Challenge tournament as well as Weekly payments for Chicago APA teams... 
This page is usually used for weekly payments, but for the next few weeks, it will be used for Chicagoland Challenge tournament payments as well.   Steps 1-10 are for tournament payments. 
1.  When you click the link above or below, you will be sent to a payment page.  Go to the Misc Past Due box at the bottom of the page, and enter the full amount of all requested slots. 
2.  Then Click add to the cart.  This will send you to a secure payment gateway.  If the amount shown is correct, click the checkout button.  
3.  On the checkout page you will need to fill in any information requested in red on the top half of the page.  
4. On the bottom half of the page, choose division 601/651 and team number 16 from the drop down boxes.  Then fill in week 16 for the week played.  This puts all payments in the same place.
5.  In the comments box, type in the events you are registering for.  Eg:  1 Team slot, 2 singles slots, and 1 doubles slot.   Also give us your league operator's name so we know where to apply the payments.  (The comments box looks small, but will scroll to allow as much room as you need.)
6.  When you are done filling in the information, click continue.  This page will give you a recap of your information and let you fill in your credit card information.  (We don't keep ANY credit card information.  That is done by TNBCI...our credit card processor over a secure gateway.)
7.  You will have to prove you are not a robot, then you can complete the transaction.
8.  After completion, the system will send a confirmation to the supplied email address.
9.  Finally, please scan and send the registration forms you are paying for to me at brad@chicagoapa.com so we can pair the payments with the registrations. If you can't scan the forms, call me.
10. Come play pool at the first Chicagoland Challenge in St. Charles.  

Click here to pay your tournament registration or weekly dues. 

11.  Most payments will only be for the $30 owed for your weekly play.  In the weekly payments box, you can choose any number of weeks you want to pay, but you have to pay in $30 increments.  (You can't pay $24, or $18, or $12...etc.  The weekly fee is a team fee that is owed in whole each week by the team.  If someone is short, it is still up to the captain to collect and pay the full amount.) 
12.  If your players have won any patches or pins, you can pay for them here as well.  Currently, there is only one box to check for all patch and pin awards.  More on the patches later. 
13.  If you play in one of the two double jeopardy divisions (Tuesday fox and Hound/Saturday Pressure), your weekly fee is $50.  You pay for these divisions in a separate payment box...labeled double Jeopardy.
14.  You can pay your yearly dues as well on line.  All players who have not paid, owe $25 at this point.  If you show $$ at the end of your name, you still owe your fees.  If you just joined in the fall session, please call me.  I want to be sure that you are paying the correct amount.
15.  Once you have made your choices, you can check the shopping cart to verify your choices. 
16.  If all is right with the shopping cart, click CHECK OUT.  This will take you away from my site, and to the Trans National gateway.  It is a secure, encrypted site.  I will have NO access to your credit card information.  Fill out the normal name, address, etc for the credit card information.  You should be able to save this information in most browsers so you don't have to type it in each time. 
You will also be required to fill in your DIVISION NUMBER (Click the drop down arrow and find your division.), TEAM NUMBER (Click the drop down arrow, and choose your team number.) 
17.  After you check out, you will get an email verification of your charges...and you are done with the payment process.  The process should take no more than 2-3 minutes, is secure, and gives you a record of what you have paid this week.  (Eliminating any questions about how much cash was actually in the envelope.)
For playoffs only...if you only played 3 or 4 matches, use the MISC payment box that is usually for past due balances.  Fill in the $18 or $24 that you owe from this week, and then go to checkout.  Don't try to use weekly payments unless you played all 5 matches.