For those of you wondering about the black piece of wood in your trophy box, it is supposed to have a photo plate attached to the front, and be hung up in your host location.  I really want winning teams to have that piece of history on the walls at your home location.  Unfortunately, it has frequently become a logistical nightmare. SOOO, to help get the plates to you sooner, I'm asking for your help to make this happen. If you follow the steps below, you will get a nice picture plate to go on the wooden plaque you found in your trophy box.  
This is a NO COST option.  
Here is all you need do...Take a team picture and send it along with your team information (Team name, division number, session won, and whether you were a First Place team, or a Playoff Champion.) to the following email address.  You can also call 708-917-0126 and ask for Wayne.  He will guide you through the process.  You can 
Wayne will set it up, print it, and send it to your host location.  When they get the plate, just peel the tape on the back of the plate and attach it to the plaque.  
This is all FREE of charge to you.  I'm picking up the tab for this work.  
I would also like anyone with an outstanding trophy order from previous seasons to contact Wayne and tell him what you are missing.  He will set that up and deliver it to your host location also.  
If you have any questions wayne can't answer, feel free to call me. 
Brad  773-575-4157