Qualified team Information sheet….

1.     Remain active and in good standing:   If your team qualified in the Summer or Fall Session, you must play in the Spring session and remain in good standing.  Good standing means a zero balance on your record.  No teams will advance to the Citywide with a past due balance on their record. 

2.     Top 50% Status:  All qualified teams must remain competitive in the spring session.  “Competitive” means staying in the top 50% in any division with 6 or more teams.  In a four team division, you have to stay within 15 points of first place, and stay out of last place.  If you fail to stay in the top half…even by a few points…you will have to play an extra round of pool in the Citywide tournament.  If you are significantly “non-competitive”, you may actually lose your bid.      

3.     Spring roster is your Citywide roster:  The players you have on your spring roster at the end of week 4 are the players who you will play with in the Citywide tournament.  NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER THE 4TH WEEK.  Each player must have at least 10 LIFETIME scores IN WHICHEVER DISCIPLINE YOU ARE COMPETING IN (8-ball or 9-ball), and at least 4 matches WITH YOUR TEAM THIS SESSION to be eligible for the Citywide Tournament.  Ineligible players will be removed from your Citywide tournament roster and cannot participate or be used for handicap purposes.

4.     Citywide Skill Level:  Every player will enter the Citywide Tournament with the highest session-ending handicap they have had since the team became qualified in this or any other active area where that player plays.  If a player is actively playing in two or more areas, that player has to play at the highest of those handicaps.  You can call later in the session to verify what handicaps are currently on the books for your players.  (I can’t predict where they will be, but I can tell you where they have been as far as the CW LTC is concerned.)   

5.     Players added to Qualified Teams:  Players should have 20 or more plays to be added to a qualified team.  This is really to protect you and your team.  The handicap of a “new” player is much more volatile.  It can swing one or two levels on a single good score.  PROTCECT YOURSELF…only add established players.  If you add a player with fewer than 20 plays to a qualified roster, they WILL move up faster if they show ANY signs of being "strong" at their handicap. 

6.     Original players:  Your team must keep at least 4 players from your original roster on your roster each session following the qualification.  Make sure that you are building in room for “growth” when you assemble your final rosters. 

7.     Splitting teams:  In some cases, teams become top heavy…too many higher level players…not enough lower level players.  If your team is in this situation, you can SPLIT your team in two, with both new teams retaining a qualification.  (Call me for details.) 

8.     Sign and return this information sheet for Qualification verification.  A copy of this information will be on the website shortly.

Team Captain  _________________________________

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