Chicago APA snow date Set.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

They are predicting a LOT of snow for this weekend.  If you want to avoid the possible snow storm, I have an option for you.  The original date is still on, and start time is 10 am.  I won't cancel the tournament, but I will give you a choice. 
I have reserved the tournament room at Arlington Lanes for a second day...Saturday February 2nd.  Your team can choose to play either day...but I have to know by tomorrow afternoon. 
I have to get enough teams to move, or all teams will still be scheduled on Saturday January 19th.  If I don't get a response from your team, you will be scheduled for play on Saturday January 19th. 
Please CALL me if you have questions, and TEXT me with your choice of tournament dates.  I will be calling all teams directly, but this is a general ALERT.  Please talk to your players so you have an answer when I call.  Thanks.